Tax increase approved for Leamington

Tax increase approved for Leamington

Municipal taxes in Leamington are about to go up by 1.8 per cent.

Town council approved the increase during budget deliberations held Wednesday and Thursday.

"This budget clearly reflects Council's strategic direction and values, while focusing on issues that help protect the environment, and facility improvements to ensure both an improved quality of life for residents and a great Leamington experience to for visitors," said Mayor John Paterson.

The 2017 budget features $35.6-million in capital infrastructure projects — a $13.7-million increase from last year.

Projects include beach volleyball courts at Seacliff Beach, the new waterfront amphitheatre and sanitary sewer projects on Pelee Drive and the Danfroth sewer separation.

The 1.8 per cent tax hike will see an estimated increase of $35.86 for a home in town valued at $175,000 according to a media release from Leamington.