Taxi rates rise in Listowel for first time since 2015

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NORTH PERTH – Council voted in favour of raising rates for local taxi services provided by Listowel Taxi and TJ’s Taxi Service on Nov. 15. Passengers will see rates rise by one dollar in December.

“I did meet with the taxi owners, Debbie Galbraith and James Cowan,” said North Perth Clerk Pat Berfelz. “The taxi owners had requested the meeting to discuss the North Perth taxi rates. The rates have not been increased since June 2015 and today the increased costs for gasoline, insurance and the minimum wage has created financial challenges for taxi owners. During our discussions, however, I want council and the residents to know that both taxi owners struggled with increasing these rates and tried to be as fair as possible with their clients.”

The new rates, which will become effective Dec. 1, have been agreed upon by the owners of both taxi services.

For one or two passengers and children under 12 within the Listowel Ward, the rate will rise to $11. Each additional stop will be $4. Return trips, which are calculated as two trips, will be $15.

The cost of waiting time will be $50 per hour. Outside of Listowel Ward, the price will be $2.25 per kilometre. Senior citizens and high school students will get a discounted rate within the Listowel Ward of $9. HST is included in all prices.

“As staff, I feel this is a recommendation council should consider at this time,” said Berfelz.

Council voted unanimously in favour of the new rates.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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