Tay ad hoc committee looking for resident feedback

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Tay Township wants community input in determining its public space needs.

A new survey, which was recently approved at a council meeting, will be available starting some time in April. The survey was created by the township's community space ad hoc committee and will be available for several weeks, allowing both year-round and seasonal residents to provide their input.

The survey, which will be available online as well as in paper copy, contains several multiple-choice questions focusing on programming and facilities in the four settlement areas and rural Tay.

The 21-question survey begins with some identifying questions that will help gather demographic data about the respondents. The survey can be filled out by non-residents as well, if they use facilities in the township.

Programming questions in the survey are trying to gauge what activities within the township respondents are participating in. Reciprocally, another question asks survey takers to identify activities they have participated in another municipality.

Further questions are trying to assess the level of satisfaction with the programs offered locally and also asking for what other activities would the surveyed like to see introduced in the township.

In the facilities section, respondents will be asked to share which of the current Tay facilities they actively attend. Options include, the Oakwood Community Centre, Port McNicoll Community Centre, Harbour Shores Community Room and the Bridgeview Park Portable.

This section of the survey also goes into the details around how often each of these facilities is used and what are the most popular times of use, as well as the significance of facilities, such as parks, trails, and youth programs.

Toward the end of the survey, respondents will be asked to share their opinion on what they feel is missing in the villages of Victoria Harbour, Waubaushene, Port McNicoll, and Waverley.

Survey takers will also be asked to indicate a preference for how they would like to see the township use related funds: on expanding and upgrading existing facilities or on building new ones.

Further, the survey also asks respondents to select how they willing to participate in funding of new facilities or improvements to existing facilities.

Mehreen Shahid, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, OrilliaMatters.com