Tay group wants council to help beautify hamlet, slow down cyclists

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New membership is bringing new ideas to one Tay Township neighbourhood.

Several of those new ideas were presented to council at a recent meeting by Victoria Reaume,president, Talpines Property Owners' Association.

“Waubaushene has changed over the last few years and it's still changing a lot,” she said. “We see young families and retirees moving into town. They're looking for wonderful new things to do in the community.”

One of those, said Reaume, is to enhance the usability of the Tay Trail.

“We've raised a number of issues with bylaw about motorized vehicles,” she said. “The township did do some stakeouts and managed to catch some folks who were riding motorcycles on the trail and other types of vehicles.”

But the trail, said Reaume, is increasingly being used by bike clubs and there seem to be no speed limits.

“They will ride by in numbers like 20 and it's scary when they drive by at that speed,” she said. “We're asking for more signage because clearly people are not seeing the signage that exists.”

The group is also looking to beautify Pine Street Beach with a mural on the tin building in the vicinity, said Reaume.

“It's a very popular site and we're starting to see people use it more,” she said, talking about the beach. “We also mentioned last year a ramp or stairs at the beach so people with mobility problems could have better access to the beach. We don't want a boat ramp for sure. We do want a pedestrian ramp, something that people can use to walk down more easily.”

As well, Reaume said, a lot of the seniors and kids go down to enjoy the beach, where there's no shade.

“We know that other parks in Tay have gazebos,” she said. “We just want something to provide a bit of shade; we don't need anything fancy.”

At least two councillors expressed support at the meeting.

“We could maybe look at accessibility grants out there to make that beach more accessible,” said Coun. Mary Warnock. “I'm sure there are artists out there looking to paint something so you could collaborate with them. And I'm sure staff would appreciate the help in getting some money for signage.”

Coun. Jeff Bumstead said he could watch out for opportunities through the Cultural Alliance Committee channel.

A final decision about how much money can be given to the Talpines POA will be made at a December council meeting around grants.

Mehreen Shahid, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, OrilliaMatters.com