Taylor Hill reveals her favorite gift to give for the holidays

AOL.com editors

Taylor Hill may be a worldwide famous model and household name, but her plans for the holiday season seem pretty normal if you ask us. 

Right after Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 28th, you'd think Hill would be in much need of some R & R after a hectic few days in Shanghai -- but she'll be ready to hit the slopes as soon as she gets back. 

The youngest Angel in Victoria's Secret history, Hill will be spending the holidays in chilly Colorado, where she'll snowboard and take some quality time with her family.  "We always go snowboarding and do fun outdoor activities," explained Hill. "I'm looking forward to my mom’s food and snowboarding together as a family. We do it every year!"

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One thing that's sure to be included in her mountain-bound suitcase? Some Victoria's Secret Pajamas. "My favorite is the Victoria’s Secret Flannel PJ Set. It is really cold in Colorado and the flannel PJ sets are really cozy. Plus, there are so many cute prints to pick from," the 21-year-old beauty explained. 

As a matter of fact, the Hill family not only shares their love of family time and the outdoors, but their love of cozy pajamas as well.  "That’s not even a lie! I give my mom and sister matching pajamas for Christmas and we open them the day before and wear them on Christmas! It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions."

Because of the fashion world's obsession with the daytime pajama fad, Hills adorable flannel Pjs are perfectly on trend. There are so many different ways to wear pajamas out and about, a craze the model is all about. "I really love the daytime PJ. You get to be cute, but comfortable all day long! There are so many different ways you can style PJs into your daytime look."

 "If it were me, I would pair one of the Victoria’s Secret Flannel Tops or Victoria’s Secret Angel Sweaters with jeans and cute shoes. Voila!" she explained.

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