Taylor Swift's bridesmaid speech at her best friend Abigail's wedding surfaces online

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

Taylor Swift has given countless on-stage speeches -- the girl's won ten Grammys, after all -- but her latest took a very different tone: The star delivered a speech at her best friend's wedding reception on Saturday, and things got a bit rauchy!

Although it hasn't been confirmed that Taylor was Abigail Anderson's maid of honor, photos from the Martha's Vineyard ceremony show her fluffing the train of Abigail's gown -- with none of Abigail's other bridesmaids in sight. And while it's possible that multiple women gave reception speeches, that's a responsibility typically only bestowed upon the bride's maid of honor.

The clip shows Taylor recounting a personal story about the happy couple: "She's running after him, there's falling, there's stumbling," she says in the clip as Abigail laughs.

Parts of the speech are muffled, but Taylor refers hearing the two "make it to the bathroom" and then there's "silence," she says. The clip cuts there.

Although the clip is circulating on social media, one fan commented that a Twitter user had her account suspended for sharing the video. The Snapchat was seemingly shot by a fellow bridesmaid as the bridal party usually sits together during the reception.