Tayshia Adams Calls Fellow “Bachelor” Nation Star Joe Amabile a 'Master Manipulator' in “The GOAT” Finale (Exclusive)

Tayshia Adams Calls Fellow “Bachelor” Nation Star Joe Amabile a 'Master Manipulator' in “The GOAT” Finale (Exclusive)

In PEOPLE's exclusive clip from the finale, the former Bachelorette tells the 'Bachelor in Paradise' alum that she thought they "had each other’s back” in the competition

The greatest reality star of all time will soon be crowned when The GOAT decides a winner — but that won’t be without a bit of drama, of course.

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip from the June 27 finale of The GOAT, Tayshia Adams confronts her fellow Bachelor Nation member Joe Amabile, despite him trying to play it cool.

“How are you doing?” Amabile, 38, asks Adams, 33.

She snaps back, “Oh, we’re doing this?”

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That causes the ex-grocer to get real. “Listen, let’s just call it what it is,” Amabile says. “We were playing a game.”

Adams didn’t accept that.

<p>Jace Downs/Prime Video; Prime Video</p> 'The GOAT' stars Joe Amabile and Tayshia Adams

Jace Downs/Prime Video; Prime Video

'The GOAT' stars Joe Amabile and Tayshia Adams

“We said we had each other’s back,” the former Bachelorette says. “And what was the first thing I did the second I found out everyone was voting for you? I had the decency to come to you and say, ‘This is what’s happening.’ I went against every single female here, do you not understand that?”

The California native proceeds to explain how Amabile could get her vote. “If the GOAT is being a master manipulator and a liar, then yes, I’ll vote for you,” Adams says.

Amabile didn’t really mind that. “But it kind of is, so I did the best I could,” he says.

“You are something,” Adams retorts. “I tell you, you know what? You are perfect for reality television. You eat everything up.”

Amabile simply replies with a “thank you” before he and Adams go their separate ways.

<p>Jace Downs/Prime Video</p> Joe Amabile competing on 'The GOAT'

Jace Downs/Prime Video

Joe Amabile competing on 'The GOAT'

When speaking to PEOPLE ahead of The GOAT’s premiere, Amabile said that he saw Adams as an ally when he first arrived at GOAT Manor.

“Seeing Tayshia right away was very comforting, especially [since] we had done a podcast together,” Amabile said. “And that first day on a reality show, any show, it's overwhelming, and you're in your head. It's hard to not feel a little uncomfortable. I think everyone feels a little out of the loop, so seeing someone that I was friends with and I knew was definitely comforting.”

Despite Adams winning the first daily challenge and being named the initial GOAT, Adams got voted out in the second episode — and Amabile voted for her.

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Adams told PEOPLE that she thought The GOAT wouldn’t be as stressful as any of the Bachelor franchise shows that she appeared on.

“I'm like, ‘Oh, it can't be that bad,’ except for I'm crying on every episode,” she said. “I thought this was going to be the easy show! But I'm not going to lie. I would probably be Bachelorette again.”

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The GOAT finale streams Thursday, June 27, on Amazon Prime Video an Amazon Freevee.

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