TBM council wants drivers to slow down

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The Blue Mountains council is going to investigate methods to get traffic in the community to slow down.

At its meeting on Aug. 29, coun. Rob Sampson brought the issue of speeding to the council table and asked his colleagues and town staff to consider traffic calming measures for the community.

“We have all received comments from residents regarding traffic and speeding,” said Sampson, who suggested as an immediate step the town could purchase an inventory of lawn-style signs that encourage drivers to slow down, while looking into higher-tech solutions like flashing speed limit signs and photo radar enforcement.

CAO Shawn Everitt said there are a number of possibilities to examine.,

“There are opportunities, there are a range of options on the types of signs. We have received requests for these types of signs,” he said.

Everitt said town staff have already drafted a mock “slow down” sign they will bring to council for consideration.

“On-street signage is one of the most effective means of signage in this municipality,” said Everitt.

Director of Operations Shawn Carey also told council a staff report would be coming in September that details a number of traffic calming options to consider. He said as part of the Transportation Master Plan process, staff will be bringing forward recommendations. They include: a comprehensive speed limit review, a review of local road classifications and a traffic calming policy.

Coun. Bill Abbotts noted that many “slow down”-style signs are already popping up in local communities. He asked if the town would seek to replace community-generated signs with their own.

“There are a lot of them out there now,” said Abbotts.

Everitt said deployment of the signs, should council decide to go that route, would be a future decision noting that the town could focus on putting signs in areas where the public has indicated a speeding problem exists.

“It would be those areas we are putting some focus to where a town sign would pop up and hopefully help the situation,” he said.

Staff will report back to council in the near future with options.

Chris Fell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, CollingwoodToday.ca