Tearful proposal surprises everyone on 'Bachelor Winter Games' finale

It took four seasons of Bachelor franchise shows and a couple of "Tell All" specials, but Clare Crawley finally found the man of her dreams. And it was none other than Benoit Beausejour-Savard, the French Canadian she kicked to the curb during the The Bachelor Winter Games.

During The Bachelor Winter Games "Tell All" episode, Clare revealed that she had found love after she left the show. And she hinted that the person she was seeing was from the the aforementioned show.

When host Chris Harrison asked who it was, Benoit revealed it was him. Benoit had called Clare after the show ended because he still had feelings for her and he wanted to make sure she was happy.

The two rekindled their short lived on-screen romance. And it looks like this time, their romance is going to last a bit longer.

Benoit told Clare, "You never gave up on love, and this is the best thing about you. And I would never, ever give up on you." He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Clare had been on The Bachelor, Bachelor and Paradise (2 seasons), and The Bachelor Winter Games. But now that she's engaged, does it mean Clare is done with being a contestant on The Bachelor? For her sake, let's hope so.