Tears flow during Jenelle's bittersweet 'Teen Mom 2' wedding

On Teen Mom 2, Barbara Evans was shedding tears over not being invited to her own daughter’s wedding. But said daughter, Jenelle Evans, had a reason, which was ultimately Barbara’s disapproval of her fiancé, David Eason. “That was the reason why she wasn’t invited in the first place, ’cause, you know, you don’t like David, so why are you even going to the wedding?” Jenelle said to her friend while getting her hair done before her big day.

But Barbara was upset. At a hotel, she lamented to her friend, Donna, “David has alienated her from me.” And although Donna encouraged reaching some kind of compromise, Barbara was resolute. “I’m not getting along with David. Period. I will not,” she said. Then you’ll never have a relationship with Jenelle,” said Donna. “Then I won’t, will I? I won’t,” said Barbara.

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