Teen cancer survivor posts ad for friends

From Jordan Kosovich’s Facebook page.

After a battle with cancer, self-described “shy, quiet kid” Jordan Kosovich was left with few friends.

The 19-year-old Australian developed leukemia at the age of seven and fought it for four years, but chemotherapy left him overweight, which he says made him a target for bullies, especially in high school.

“I was physically bullied as well as verbally and got hammered on Facebook,” he told the Daily Mail. “Until last year, I was scared to even use it.”

But after hearing the story of senior Ray Johnstone, who used online classifieds site Gumtree to look for new fishing buddies after his best friend died, Kosovich decided to post his own ad on the site.

“I thought posting an ad was a crazy thing to do, but I was really struggling,” Kosovich added.

Even after he finished high school, he found it difficult to make friends when he took a course as everyone had their own social circle. And after getting a job at a sports centre, he struggled to turn colleagues into close friends.

“I wanted to feel like a normal 19-year-old for once and just do everything I should be doing at my age,” Kosovich said.

He decided to try something different with the ad, and he says so far it has worked.

The Daily Mail reports that his ad received thousands of views and he was sent hundreds of messages on Facebook.

“I’m still talking to a few people, but I could use more guy mates because I love cricket and footy and going to the gym,” he said.