Teen charged in Spruce Grove fight club

Teen charged in Spruce Grove fight club

A 15-year-old boy has been charged in connection to a Spruce Grove fight club, CBC News has learned.

The teen has been charged with assault causing bodily harm, RCMP said Thursday.

Allegations of a fight club first came to light in May. RCMP revealed they were investigating complaints about fights organized online involving high school students, mostly from Spruce Grove Composite High School.

Students used social media to announce the locations of fights to draw a crowd, police said.

At the time, one mother said her son — a 14 year old from Woodhaven Middle School — was injured in one of those fight club events.

He felt pressured to fight, she said, and came home with a broken nose and a fractured cheekbone.

Parkland School Division declined to say if any action or discipline has been taken to address concerns over the fight club, citing confidentiality under Alberta's School Act.

The teen facing the assault charge is due in court in November.