Teen with history of sex offences faces child porn charges

B.C. RCMP ask parents to talk to kids after 'sextortion' reports in Fort St. John

A teenage boy is facing for charges for allegedly using a nude photo of a girl to extort her into sending him more sexually explicit pictures.

The 17-year-old from the rural municipality of Rhineland, who is on probation for three prior sex offences, was arrested Friday and charged with possessing and making child pornography, as well as trying to lure a 17-year-old female into making child pornography.

The teenage girl took a photo of her naked chest and sent it to the boy on Feb. 6 after he asked her to do so, police said. The boy then tried to extort more nude photos from the girl.

She reached out to her school guidance counsellor and police then started investigating, Altona police Chief Perry Batchelor said.

Batchelor said cases of youth sending naked photos to each other is concerning, but not entirely unusual.

"It's almost nonchalantly dealt with by youth in this sexting, texting world that we're in," he said

"It is a very large concern for police in general that naked pictures are being transmitted at all. They have a very long-term, long-lasting effect," said Batchelor. "They're there forever."

Batchelor said the victim did the right thing in reaching out to a counsellor.

The male is being detained in the Manitoba Youth Centre until his day in court.

Manitoba passed the Intimate Image Protection Act in January 2016. It applies to any victim who is naked or involved in a sexual activity and can be identified in photo or video that were taken with the "reasonable expectation of privacy at the time it was distributed."

Tips about online or digital sexual exploitation of youth can be made at Cybertip.ca.