Teen mom worries power could be cut because she's not 19

Teen mom worries power could be cut because she's not 19

A young mother in Kelowna is worried Fortis B.C. may cut off her power because she's only 18 years old.

Leela Hafezi opened an account with Fortis when she moved into her new apartment in December, but when she inquired about moving her account to a different suite in the building she was told she should never have been given an account in the first place because she wasn't 19.

"They said they made a mistake," Hafezi told CBC News. "So for 4 months no one noticed that I was 18, even though I called them three different times."

Hafezi says Fortis is demanding she have a guardian register an account before the end of April, but Hafezi says she doesn't have a guardian. 

"I'm a single mom, I live on my own, I pay my own bills. I do everything on my own," she said.

Fortis requires individuals applying for new residential accounts submit their birth dates along with documents to prove identity.

Hafezi hasn't missed any payments since opening her account four months ago.

Fortis spokesperson Michael Allison said the company is working to find a solution but did not specify what that solution would be.

He said the company wouldn't stop service to a customer in a case like this.

 With files from Brady Strachan