Teen not impressed after letting friend pick first tattoo

Photo from Elle Mills/Twitter

A teenage girl recently got an unpleasant surprise when she allowed her friend to pick out her first tattoo.

For starters, it bears mentioning that tattoos — barring a painful and expensive removal procedure — are permanent. With this in mind, it would seem wise for the person getting the tattoo to select the artwork to be applied to their body. At the very least, that person should know what they are having etched into their skin forever.

Elle Mills asked her best bud, Tavian Palacios, to pick out a design for her first tattoo and for some reason, she had that design applied without even having a look at the image, despite the lifelong commitment.

After documenting her experience receiving her first bit of ink, she posted some photos online, which caught the attention of some Internet users.

Photo from Elle Mills/Twitter
Photo from Elle Mills/Twitter

It seems like Mills’s buddy thought it would be cool — and social media savvy — to include his Twitter handle in the tattoo.

As you can see by the look on her face when she realizes what is tattooed on her ankle, Mills is less than impressed with the final result.

She also shared her tattoo mishap in a YouTube video and on Instagram and Facebook, where she has received more than a few comments that question the sanity of letting someone else pick your tattoo.

Fortunately for this teenager, covering up that tattoo shouldn’t be too difficult.