Teenage girl missing for weeks found safe in Dartmouth

A Halifax-area teen who has been missing for weeks has been found safe in Dartmouth, her mother has confirmed.

Kelly Eagles said her 15-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, contacted the family this morning and let them know she was in Dartmouth. Eagles said everyone is "very relieved and happy that she is safe."

Mackenzie Eagles disappeared on Sept. 23 after leaving home on her bike sometime during the night.

"She was found today, she reached out to us and she let us know that she was in Dartmouth and the police went and picked her up," said Eagles.

"She's tired, she's very tired. She is safe." 

Last week, her bike and helmet were found along Highway 102, near the airport located several kilometres away from her home. She lives with her grandfather on the outskirts of Enfield.

Her mother has said Mackenzie has a long history of running away, but never for this length of time, usually just a night or two. In those cases, Mackenzie would still remain in touch with friends, but this time her mother said she didn't contact anyone. 

Eagles thanked everyone who spread the word about her daughter's disappearance and helped to bring her home.