Teenager calls out sister over ‘entitled’ at-home behavior: ‘You reap what you sow’

Emerald Pellot

Two sisters are at odds over the most important meal of the day.

A 17-year-old girl wanted to know if it was wrong to stop making breakfast for her 15-year-old sister. She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to share her story. Things got heated between the siblings when the younger sister started to express disgust with her big sister’s cooking. The 15-year-old even tried to get Gordan Ramsay involved. 

“My parents are both working now because the lockdown is lifted in my country,” the girl wrote. “But schools are still online. My parents usually leave early around 6 a.m. and come back home at 8 to 9 p.m. Because of this, they don’t have time to cook breakfast/lunch for my sister and me.” 

She said her parents usually provide them with groceries. And although her parents never told her to, the 17-year-old wakes up early to make breakfast for her and her sister. 

“The problem is my sister always complains about the food I cook. First I thought it was genuinely bad so I saved some for my parents to check. My parents complimented by saying it was delicious and just to ignore my sister and told my sister to stop being ungrateful,” she wrote. “But she doesn’t stop there, she took pictures of the food I made and insulted me on Instagram. Since we are just two years apart her friends know me. Some of them turned it into a joke and would send the pics to Gordon Ramsay and added him in our Instagram group.”

So she decided to stop cooking meals for her little sister. 

“She finally understood what I was doing and called me a b**** for starving her,” the teenager explained. “She can cook, but she’s just lazy. I told her that I would rather cook for someone who appreciates my food. She threatened to tell my parents, but I informed them already and they’re mad at my sister for humiliating me.”

Fortunately, Reddit was on this young woman’s side.

“You reap what you sow,” one user wrote, siding with the 17-year-old. 

“Your sister is behaving like an entitled brat,” another said

“Your sister was ungrateful. Serves her right. Maybe now she’ll learn to be more appreciative,” someone added

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