A teenager's courage inspired a song by Kellie Loder

When singer-songwriter Kellie Loder sat down to write a song with producer Derek Downham, she wasn't sure what they'd come up with. 

"We didn't really know what we would write about that day, but he had read this story earlier on about this girl at a university," she said.

The story Downham had read was about an 18-year-old girl who jumped into a fight to try to stop the beating of a man who had been accused of discriminating against others.

Loder said it was the girl's reasoning for her action that inspired the song Hate Loves Hate.

"Everybody asked her why she did what she did … and she said, 'You can't beat the good into someone,' so when I heard that, I was like, 'That's what we have to write about,'" she said.

"Hate loves hate. You're not going to beat hate with hate, I don't think."

It doesn't have to be on a drastic scale.… You can apply that song to the smallest things. - Kellie Loder

But the song isn't just about big, societal issues, Loder said; the idea applies to everyday life as well.

"It doesn't have to be on a drastic scale, because when a lot of people hear it, they think about Trump or something that's bigger," she said.

"Sometimes you can apply that song to the smallest things."

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