Teen's version of a message in a bottle is answered 6 years later

When Hayley Robbins was 12 years old, she wrote a message to “cute guys” on a softball and threw it in the ocean. Six years later someone actually responded to her message. (Photo: Twitter)

In hopes of meeting a cute boy, college student Hayley Robbins, 18, threw her own version of a message in a bottle in the ocean.

But that was over six years ago, when she was 12. The Kentucky native wrote her phone number on a softball with the message, “if found, call me cute guys.” She hoped for the best and pitched it to the sea at a beach in South Carolina. Years after the fact, the teen’s message was answered.

“I wanted to do a message in a bottle type of thing but I didn’t have a bottle so I brought a softball with me instead,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I thought it would be cool to see if anyone found it, especially cute guys.”

Hayley is now a freshman in college studying criminal justice. She had long forgotten about her “message on a softball,” until last week, when her phone got a text from a number she didn’t recognize.

“I wanna be your superhero,” the unknown number texted Hayley.

“Honestly just never thought of it again until last week when ‘Adam’ texted me. When I read the text about the softball I knew right away what he was talking about.”

The Twitterverse is in awe that such event had actually happened. Hayley’s tweet got over 10,000 likes.

After a few back-and-forth text messages, ‘Adam’ revealed his true identity. He wasn’t a cute boy but a 16-year-old girl named Kelci, she says the softball was found in Myrtle Beach.

Hayley says there are no hard feelings. She and Kelci still keep in touch because it was so rare that the softball message did reach someone. Even if it was not a cute guy.

Although, thanks to her tweet going viral, Hayley has received many texts and tweets from people interested in her story — and maybe a cute guy will get in touch.

“It’s been really cool getting to talk to so many new people,” she says.

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