Teeth Whitening Strips Leave Man With A Hole In His Throat

A 22-year-old man who wanted to look like actor Channing Tatum was left with a hole through his throat after using a teeth whitening kit.

Jake Barrett, a sales assistant from Rushton, Northamptonshire, says he had a negative reaction to Crest 1hr Express Strips which caused a sac of hydrogen peroxide to build up under his tongue.

Doctors removed the sac out of fear that had it burst it would have burned all the way down to his stomach.

“The doctor told me that the sac that had formed was the size of a grape, and so delicate that any moment it could have leaked hydrogen peroxide down my throat,” said Jake.

Two days after applying the strips, which are available to buy online but not in stores, he said the sac formed in his throat.

After six days of discomfort, he went to A&E at Kettering Hospital, where he was told it was hydrogen peroxide. Doctors told Jake he could have died from peroxide poisoning.

In a three-hour operation at Northampton Hospital, the sac was drained from a tube that was inserted through an incision in his chin, leaving him with a hole.

In addition, one of his back teeth was removed because it was infected. He returned home after ten days in hospital.

(Actor Channing Tatum - Picture: Rex Features)

Despite his ordeal, he still wanted a Hollywood smile, and has had a laser teeth-whitening procedure at a local beauty salon. He smokes ten cigarettes and drinks six coffees each day.

“I’ve always admired Channing Tatum’s smile - it’s just gleaming,” he said.

“I’ve got my gleaming teeth - now I just need to work on my six-pack.”

Crest have been approached for comment but have yet to respond.

(Pictures: South West News Service)