Tell us: What's the craziest weather day you can remember?

Parts of Canada have experienced a few cooler summers and colder winters in recent years, and it’s easy to wonder on a chilly July day if temperatures across the country really are climbing.

However Statistics Canada says, and this summer has shown, that Canada is perfectly capable of smashing heat records. A report by Canada’s statistics agency shows that average high and low temperatures in the country, during all seasons, rose steadily between 1948 and 2009.

This week’s extreme heat has smashed all-time records around the world and here at home. On July 2, Montreal recorded its highest temperature, 36.6 degrees, since record keeping began 147 years ago, and Ottawa experienced its highest ever temperature with humidity, 47.1 degrees, on July 1.

In Quebec, the heat wave has taken a serious toll, with officials attributing 33 deaths to high temperatures.

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