Tell us: What's your opinion of Canada?

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    used to be a good country till the politions figierd how to ROB THE PUBLIC BLIND...
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    I immigrated to Canada 35 years ago. At that time one wage could support a whole family and many people could afford a cottage.
    Young people today cannot afford a house never mind a cottage.
    Immigrants had to support themselves from day one. Now I have to give them my money to support their families.
    I had a very hard time getting started but managed to support my family. I do not see why these layabouts are being given my money.
    We have no leaders in Canada and Trudeau is a laughing stock world-wide.
    My rights to free speech have been taken away by the politically correct. Same ones who steal my money for political bribery.
    Canada used to bring in qualified, educated people, who built houses and infrastructure.
    Now we bring in people with no skills, who cannot speak either of the Canadian languages.
    Unless we get a Leader to take control instead of worrying about diversity and having a nice hair do, we are destined for disaster.
    Unfortunately we keep voting for clowns and Canada is becoming a circus.
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    We were a great country till our current Prime Moron was elected and has demoralized a large percentage of the older population who have morals and standards. This seems to have disappeared very quickly and we are rapidly becoming a communist state. Glad that I am older and will not see the conclusion of this disaster. Canadians are so naive and full of themselves, thinking that athey are better than everyone else
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    Nobody asked me what my opinion is on the country and it's sad state of affairs.
    Left-wing policies, over bearing bureaucracy, over-paid, under-worked useless unions, floods of illiterate, unskilled foreigners imported at tax-payer expense
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    not a great nation anymore...turdo #1 and going down hill ever since...and every polition is only interested in THEIR PAY CHECK...PENSION PLAN ..and the gravy train after politics
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    the way it is NOT RUN/LED RULED by the TRAITOR JUSTINE ---SO CALLED PM===PRIME MISTAKE-----who on a daily basis shows/proves THAT HE HATES/DETESTS/DESPISES CANADA AND CANADIANS for which does not not EXIST for him any way and is turning it into a ISLAMIC MUSLIM NATION RULED BY TOTAL SHARIA LAW
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    Just another pathetic attempt by Leftards to justify the existence (in Canada and the rest of the planet) of useless and worthless non-white dregs.

    As someone who lives in Montreal, I can tell you that these "refugees" are obviously receiving tons of free money (courtesy of the taxpayers) because they are renting or owning homes all over Montreal... whether in low-class or high-class neighborhoods. Plus, many of them are driving around in "luxury" vehicles. Even if those cars and SUVs are leased, the leasing still costs a few thousand dollars.
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    I think we are too soft on our own issues and way too involved in global activities. The globe will sort itself out whether or not we all waste money on outside issues. We need to address - indigenous people and their low standard of living, homelessness, concrete job solutions, pollution and our limited resources as well as drug addiction. Personally, I don't care what happens in Sierra Leone , Afghanistan or The Middle East. We need to become protectionist and we need it now.
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    I know Canadian people who applied for social assistance and was refused. Therefore they never got the health care that was needed for there faily. These people come into our country and is given this freely. This is costing tax payers more money all the time. They should not be allowed this seeing they ARE NOT CANADIAN CITIZENS. It was nice for your people to write this but I do not believe this at all Neither do most of the people. Our health system is going down and if we didnt give it away so freely we probably would not have this problem.
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    about to get worse now that we HAVE TO BRAG about our snipers...tell the world turdo make us a may be STUPID but i think our ALLIES know we are there....AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN....turdo.shti for brains