Temarizushi recipes: How to make colorful ball shaped sushi

This video will show you step-by-step how to make a traditional colorful and cute version of sushi called Temarizushi (Temari Sushi). It’s wonderful as a bite-sized gift, or as a centerpiece for a party or celebration where people gather at the table. You can play with various combinations to make unique and interesting tastes and appearances. Have fun with friends or family making these beautiful Temari and make it an event! ============================================================= ❥ Follow us on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDvC... ❥ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hungrycooki... ============================================================= ● Ingredients (for 2 people) ・ Rice… 360ml ・ Water ... 400 ml ・ Kelp ・ Rice vinegar ... 3 tablespoons ・ Sugar ... 2 tablespoons ・ Salt ... 1 teaspoon ・ Tobiko (Flying fish roe) ... 1 tablespoon * Please arrange the ingredients and toppings as you like. The combination of ingredients used in the video is as follows ・ Tuna sashimi + Kaiware (Radish sprouts) ・ Shrimp + Oba (Shiso Leaves) ・ Red Snapper sashimi + Lemon + Chives ・ Squid sashimi + Sea urchin + Oba (Shiso Leaves) ・ Salmon sashimi +Dill + Salmon roe ・ Eggs + Kaiware (Radish sprouts) ・ Avocado + Mayonnaise + Tobiko ・ Cucumber + Salmon roe + Tobiko ・ Radish + Umeboshi + Tobiko ● Cooking Recipe ① Put rice in a bowl and after washing the rice 3 with water changes, drain the water, add fresh water and let it soak for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. ② After soaking the rice in water, drain it with a colander and put it in a clay pot, add 400 ml of water, and add a piece of kelp. ③ Cover and heat over high heat, and when bubbles come out from the lid after about 7~10 minutes, reduce the heat to low and cook for 15 minutes. Just before turning off the fire, turn on high heat for about 5 seconds, then turn off the heat, and steam for 10 to 15 minutes. ④ Mix rice vinegar, sugar and salt well to make sushi vinegar. ⑤ Put the cooked rice in a large bowl and cool it while mixing it with sushi vinegar. ⑥ Prepare your favorite ingredients +++Tuna and radish sprouts+++ Cut the tuna into thin slices and cut the radish sprouts to a suitable length for toppings. +++Shrimp and perilla+++ Boil the shrimp in salt water lightly and cut open the middle. Shred the perilla for toppings +++Bream and Lemon+++ Slice the Bream and make a slice of Lemon for toppings +++Squid and Oba, sea urchin topping+++ Slice the squid and cut Oba half vertically. Prepare sea urchin for toppings +++Salmon and Ikura (salmon roe), dill topping+++ Slice the salmon and prepare Ikura, dill for toppings. +++Egg wrap+++ Make usuyaki tamago (a thin omelette), take a mold with a small cup and cut it into a round shape. Use sushi rice mixed with tobiko +++Avocado mayonnaise and tobiko toppings+++ Slice the avocado and prepare mayonnaise and tobiko for toppings. +++Cucumber, Salmon roe topping+++ Cut the cucumber in half and make thin slices with a peeler. After slicing, soak it in salt water to soften it. Salmon roe for toppings Use sushi rice mixed with tobiko +++Radish, Umeboshi topping+++ Slice the radish and soak it in salt water to soften it. Umeboshi for toppings Use sushi rice mixed with tobiko ⑦ Take the Sushi rice in another bowl about 1/3, add the tobiko and mix. ⑧ Place each material on the wrap, put vinegared rice about the size of a golf ball on it, and squeeze it lightly to make a ball. ⑨ Leave the ball in wrap for a while until the ingredients and sushi rice stick together. ⑩ After taking it out of the wrap, decorate it with toppings and it's done. ● Cooking tips ・ Since the clay pot absorbs water, do not use it when soaking the rice in water. Use the bowl that was used when washing to soak rice in the water. ・ When squeezing the wrap to make a ball, squeeze it softly ・ You can enjoy the remaining ingredients making chirashizushi or sashimi salad the next day.

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