Tender awarded for Listowel Memorial Arena demo

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LISTOWEL – Despite delays earlier in the year due to the pandemic, plans are moving forward to begin the demolition process of Listowel Memorial Arena (LMA). Council awarded the tender for the demolition of LMA to Waterloo Demolition Inc. for $186,350, HST excluded.

North Perth set aside $240,000 for the project in its 2020 budget.

Interim Manager of Recreation Amy Gangl said that the timeline for the demolition to take place will be up to the contractor, with the possibility of it proceeding through a phased approach this winter and potentially into next year.

Part of the resolution from council was to proceed with a site redevelopment plan. A landscape architect consultant, Shift Landscape Architecture, has been hired by the municipality to assist the Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC), Friends of 59 – a local group that has advocated for the continuation of a memorial at the site in recognition of those killed in the original LMA collapse of 1959 – and council with the process of developing plans for this property.

“We did have the consultant participate in last week’s RAC meeting,” said Gangl. “It was a good discussion and all members had a voice and expressed interests and ideas.”

The consultants took that information and are in the process of combining it into conceptual designs.

“They are hoping to be able to present that back to RAC as well as Friends of 59 to make sure they are on the path that the community would like before bringing it out for public input,” she said. “The forum we are going to use for public input is haveyoursayNorthPerth.ca. That is something to be looking forward to.”

Coun. Allan Rothwell serves on RAC and he said one of the recommendations which were raised at the last meeting was the possibility of an outdoor rink. He asked whether parts of the arena could be removed rather than demolished and then reused.

Gangl said some items which can be repurposed have been marked for removal.

“The boards themselves were not part of that,” she said. “But we’re open to discussion if that were the scenario.”

She said the boards may not be in good enough condition to survive removal.

“We can take a look at the condition but I suspect they may not be able to meet that level of redevelopment,” she said.

The original plan was to have final revisions from the consultant by the end of January but with the process being delayed by COVID, Gangl said they will allow extra time for the process.

“We want to make sure we have the public input and the guidance so it is not a rush decision but we also understand the process and the benefit this would have to the community,” she said. “We anticipate in the coming weeks that some conceptual plans will be proposed and sent for input from RAC and Friends of 59 then we will put it out on haveyoursayNorthPerth.ca and we’ll look at how much input we have.”

After that process is completed the consultants will have some time to make some adjustments to the final concept before making a formal presentation to council.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner