Terrace Fire Department practices rope skills

·1 min read

The Terrace Fire Department has been practising its rope skills over the past couple of weeks. Each Tuesday, members gather for training which can include highway rescue, live fire drills and other exercises.

On Feb. 23, the team used ropes to get down to a car on an embankment and then cut the car apart and get a simulated victim out. Then, firefighters put the victim on a stretcher and took them back to the top of the hill.

The following Tuesday night, March 3, the fire department set up more rope training for nine members at the top of Lanfear Hill.

“This Tuesday (March 3) was basically expanding on that, where the focus on last night was more on the actual rope systems, raising and lowering down a steep embankment,” said Dave Jephson, deputy fire chief.

Ben Bogstie, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Interior News