Tesla leads and Infiniti bleeds in Consumer Reports' satisfaction survey

Jeremy Korzeniewski
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According to Consumer Reports, Tesla owners are more likely to rave about their vehicles than any other brand. And we're not surprised — Tesla has performed very well in past customer satisfaction surveys, despite the fact that the electric cars themselves tend to have more problems than most other automobiles. Second place went to Lincoln, which interestingly had a higher cumulative score than Tesla in individual category measurements like comfort and storage space. Ram, a truck-only brand, rounded out the top three.

The consumer-focused magazine bases its owner satisfaction score on responses to a very simple question: Would you buy this exact car again? The higher percentage of owners who answer "definitely yes" to that question, the higher the satisfaction score. Further breakdowns are scored for other parts of the ownership experience, which is why brands that rank poorly in Consumer Reports' own reliability charts — like Tesla and Lincoln, for example — can still earn top marks for satisfaction.

The lowest-ranked brands for satisfaction are Cadillac, Nissan and Infiniti. Interestingly, Cadillac performed better than average in Driving and Comfort and middle-of-the-road in the In-Car Electronics and Cabin Storage, but like most other brands, scored poorly in Value. In fact, only Subaru, Mazda and Volkswagen scored better than average in Value. Nissan and especially Infiniti earned comparatively low marks across the board to go along with the bottom-of-the-barrel satisfaction score.

Here's the full list of automakers from Consumer Reports' satisfaction survey, ranked in order from best to worst:

  1. Tesla

  2. Lincoln

  3. Ram

  4. Chrysler

  5. Subaru

  6. Hyundai

  7. Porsche

  8. Dodge

  9. Mazda

  10. Toyota

  11. Kia

  12. Mini

  13. BMW

  14. Ford

  15. Audi

  16. Honda

  17. Volvo

  18. Volkswagen

  19. Lexus

  20. Jeep

  21. GMC

  22. Chevrolet

  23. Mercedes-Benz

  24. Buick

  25. Cadillac

  26. Nissan

  27. Infiniti

It's worth diving into the individual category scores in addition to the official finishing order for a full look at the results. For instance, despite the fact that automakers like Lincoln and Ford use similar infotainment systems, their In-Car Electronics scores don't quite match up. Also, some automakers have full lineups with multiple cars, trucks and SUVs while others offer just a couple of nameplates. Head on over to Consumer Reports for all the details.

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