A New Tesla Model 3 Performance Is Reportedly Coming

updated tesla model 3 front fascia close up
A New Tesla Model 3 Performance May Be ComingTesla

Back in September, Tesla revealed a major refresh to the Model 3 sedan that brings it in line with updates to the Model S and Model X. That Model 3 was revealed without its flagship Performance variant, but the faster Model 3 is still expected to return eventually and a recent quote suggests that it is going to be "pretty special."

That quote comes from Australia's Car Sales, which suggests that the new Performance variant will be a little more hardcore than the last-generation Performance. While it is unclear exactly how that is going to happen, the Australian outlet speculates that it will include more serious tires, brakes, and exterior design features, in addition to unique software elements to optimize what has been added.

A more focused Model 3 Performance is more possible now that the line's volume selling variants have been well-established, but the faster Model 3 enters a much more competitive space for performance EVs, too. Not only will the Model 3 Performance compete directly against faster variants of the Kia EV6, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and BMW i4, it will face serious competition from a Hyundai Ioniq 5 N that may just be the most serious affordable performance EV ever. Additionally, it has to compete internally with Tesla's own Model S Plaid, a car that struggles to compete as an enthusiast car but has developed some serious name recognition that the faster Model 3 variant never really built. If the latest Model 3 Performance is going to be competitive in that marketplace, these improvements are a necessity.

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