Tesla recalls 475,000 Model 3, S sedans for faulty rearview camera wiring

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Tesla is recalling more than 475,000 Model 3 and Model S sedans to address a defect that can cause the rearview camera to stop functioning, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Tuesday. The campaign covers 2017-2020 Model 3s (representing nearly 360,000 units) with an unspecified range of Model S production (NHTSA documentation appears to be incomplete as of the time of publication) making up the remaining ~115,000 units.

Over time, use of the trunk lid can wear the wiring harness which includes the cable that carries signal from the rearview camera to Tesla's main control and infotainment screen. Users may notice intermittent issues with the camera display before it fails entirely.

"The Model 3 trunk harness is equipped with a solid core coaxial cable that provides the rearview camera feed for visibility on the center display," Tesla said in its recall report to NHTSA. "The coaxial cable is affixed to a harness on the trunk lid and extends or folds as the trunk opens and closes. When the trunk is in a closed state, the harness folds and may experience a tight bend radius, stressing the core of the cable."

"Over time, repeated opening and closing of the trunk lid may cause excessive wear to the coaxial cable. If the wear causes the core of the coaxial cable to separate, the rearview camera feed is not visible on the center display," it said.

Tesla says it mail notices to owners to address the recall by mid-February.

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