‘Tesla terroriser’ suspect accused of road rage attacks on drivers on California highways is identified

A Tesla driver accused of a string of violent road rage attacks on motorists in need in California has reportedly been identified by investigators.

More than 10 people have described violent encounters with the male motorist, including one who shared a video of him attacking their car with a pipe in Glendale.

Victims say that the Tesla driver has attacked women who have broken down in their cars, and even the motorists who have stopped to help them.

TikTok sleuth TizzyEnt says that three of his 5.3 million followers provided the suspect’s name, which he passed on to police.

Investigators believe the right man has been identified but no arrest has yet been made in the case, according to KABC.

In one of the shocking confrontations, the Tesla driver attacked and punched a woman in the face in October 2021, leaving her with a black eye.

“Lately, social media has been a better platform and tool to finding the suspect than law enforcement has ever been, at least from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard,” the victim told Eyewitness News.

Driver is wanted for a string of attacks, often on stranded motorists (ABC7)
Driver is wanted for a string of attacks, often on stranded motorists (ABC7)

“It’s been concerning knowing that this case has been going on for a while, and the suspect has been walking out like the free man he is.”

The man is also accused of slashing the tires of a motorist in West Hollywood last March.

“For the past year, in part of my mind I thought: was there someone out to get me?” she said. “All these different accounts have been good to know that it wasn’t me specifically. I’m just hoping, with all the exposure we can get something.”