Testimony concludes for woman who has accused N.S. doctor of sexual assault

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Dr. Oluwarotimi (Tim) Fashoranti, 64, is charged with sexual assault.  (CBC - image credit)
Dr. Oluwarotimi (Tim) Fashoranti, 64, is charged with sexual assault. (CBC - image credit)

A woman who has accused a Nova Scotia doctor of sexually assaulting her has finished testifying at his trial in provincial court in Amherst.

"He sexually assaulted me on July 31, that doesn't change," the woman said in an exchange with Stan MacDonald, the lawyer representing Dr. Oluwarotimi (Tim) Fashoranti, 64.

MacDonald questioned the woman about apparent errors or omissions in the accounts she gave police and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, the body that regulates the medical profession in the province.

The college investigated a complaint the woman made after the incident in Fashoranti's walk-in clinic in Springhill, N.S., last summer.

Under restrictions

Fashoranti was under restrictions at the time of the alleged assault that had been imposed by the college following an earlier complaint. Those restrictions included that he have a chaperone present when examining patients and that a notice of the restrictions be posted in the office.

The woman, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, was alone in an examining room with Fashoranti when she said he grabbed her breast and pulled down her bikini bottoms to look at her pubic area.

MacDonald questioned the woman about an incident where she drove to the home of a clinic employee and tried to confront the woman, shouting that she would have her charged with perjury. Police were called.

When MacDonald reminded her of that confrontation, she responded, "I guess I forgot about that incident."

MacDonald wants to call the clinic employee to testify later in this trial.

He also questioned the woman about a caution she received from an employee of the college over social media posts she made. The college's investigation of Fashoranti was supposed to remain confidential.

"I regret to inform you that your allegations are very incorrect," the woman wrote in an email to the college. "I have made no videos or social references in regards to Dr. Fashoranti or the College."

Medical expert testifies

The final witness on the second day of this trial was a medical expert retained by the Crown.

Dr. Johan Viljoen, a obstetrician and gynecologist based in Ontario, said there would be no reason to examine just one breast as the woman claims Fashoranti did to her.

Viljoen also testified there would be no reason to examine a woman's pubic area when investigating a complaint of abdominal pain.

The trial is set to resume for one day next week, followed by a fourth day later in September.


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