Are Texans ready for problems with gambling, like addiction and prostitution? | Opinion

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Journalist Mark Leibovich has written that the late Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., believed both Washington and Las Vegas are cities which “feed on human weakness.” Coburn warned that they are both addictive cultures — to gambling in Vegas and to power in D.C. Coburn thought both places are “something for nothing” cultures which reward hustlers.

If the Texas Legislature passes casino gambling and sports betting bills and Texas voters authorize them, gambling addiction will destroy families. Prostitution and illegal drug dealing will increase. And we will not be able to adequately offset those ills with gambling revenues returned to the state.

Legislators who have introduced these culture changing bills and all who may vote for them are doing the state a disservice. Are Texans truly ready to let hustlers bring such civic destruction to our state?

- Libby Willis, Fort Worth

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