Texas Democrat calls out Fox News host for profiting off of 'spewing lies'

On Fox News Primetime Tuesday, guest-host Pete Hegseth almost immediately began sparring with Democratic state Representative James Talarico of Texas. Democratic state legislators from Texas are currently in Washington D.C. in an attempt to thwart a Republican bill that they say will restrict voting rights.

As Talarico blamed the spate of restrictive voting bills being introduced by Republican state legislatures across the country on former President Trump’s repeated lies that the election was stolen, Hegseth cut him off and repeated one of those lies, claiming that GOP poll watchers were not allowed to monitor the counting of ballots. Trump’s own lawyers admitted in court months ago that this was not true.

“Do you remember a second ago when I talked about the big lie? This is exactly what I’m talking about,” Talarico said as Hegseth began to speak over him. Talarico continued, “And the reason that so many folks believe in that in our country, is because folks like you get on national television every night and repeat the lie over and over again.”

Talarico went on to accuse Hegseth of profiting from lies, and challenged him to admit that Trump lost the election.

“You have made a lot of money personally, and you’ve enriched a lot of corporations with advertising by getting on here and spewing lies and conspiracy theories to folks who trust you. So what I'm asking you to do is tell your voters right now that Donald Trump lost the election of 2020,” Talarico said as Hegseth continued to speak over him.. “Did you catch what I just asked? Did you hear what I asked? Did Donald Trump lose the election in 2020? Can you answer the question? Did Donald Trump lose the election in 2020? Is this an uncomfortable question for you?”

Hegseth declined to answer the question.

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