The Texas A&M regent who called for Kevin Sumlin to be fired bought a $600K WWII tank

The Texas A&M regent who publicly called for Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin to lose his job is back in the news for another reason.

Tony Buzbee bought a tank from World War II. He’s very happy about it, too. Just look at his face as it rolled up to his house earlier this week.

(via Fox 26 Houston)

Buzbee, a well-known Houston area attorney, explained to Fox 26 in Houston why he decided to buy the tank.

“As a child you played army. You had little Tonka tanks and you’d run over trucks,” Buzbee said. “When I found out it was coming up for auction, I told one of my guys, ‘Let’s get that tank.’ It’d be really cool out at my ranch to blow things up and run over things.”

“Will you really blow things up?” reporter Isiah Carey asked.

Buzbee’s response: “Oh absolutely. Yes.”

Buzbee, who served in the Marines, said his family’s military background (his grandfather landed at Normandy, he said) was part of the inspiration for buying the tank for “a little over $600,000.” He also just really wanted to own a tank because, well, who the hell else owns a tank?

Look how stoked this guy is:

(via Fox 26 Houston)
(via Fox 26 Houston)

For now, Buzbee will proudly display the tank in front of his house. He hopes to transport it to his ranch in northeast Texas where he intends to “blow the [expletive] out of things.”

Maybe after he votes to fire Sumlin, he can invite the coach to join him.

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