Texas sees first girl play, score in high school football championship game

K-Lani Nava became the first girl to play in a Texas high school football title game. (Facebook)

K-Lani Nava made a little bit of history in Texas on Wednesday.

The Strawn School senior became the first girl to play in a Texas high school state championship game, helping her team to a 78-42 victory over Balmorhea in the Class 1A Division II Six-Man championship game to finish the season 16-0.

With nine out of 10 kicks made she also put herself in the record books as the first girl to score in a state title game.

Six-man football typically plays to higher scores than traditional 11-on-11 football. Extra point kicks count for two points, so Nava’s nine kicks are good for 18 points in the books.

Nava said she didn’t feel any pressure despite playing in AT&T Stadium and a bizarre ultimatum from head coach Dwaine Lee.

“One chance,” he told her, according to TexasFootball.com. “Miss it, and you’re finished.”

Well, she didn’t miss the first one and eight made kicks later, she’s in the history books.

Lee told ABC news that Nava is the first girl to play for his team in 15 years of coaching. She joined the varsity team as a sophomore after a background in soccer. He noted that one of her biggest challenges comes off the field, where she doesn’t have a place in the locker room with the boys and usually has to find a public dressing room to change.

“She knows that and that’s part of what she signed up for,” Lee told ABC. “That’s just the way it is.”

Nava doesn’t appear to let that or the spotlight that came with the high stakes of Wednesday’s game get to her.

“I had zero pressure,” Nava told TexasFootball.com. “I did think about it this morning, but when I got on the field and ready to kick, it didn’t cross my mind. All I worried about was the ball getting on the tee and me making the right contact with it.”