In Thai hostels, it's backpackers out, protesters in

Dozens of hostels across Bangkok have thrown open their doors to give weary demonstrators a refuge as anti establishment rallies continue to grip the city.

This 23-year-old, who wants to be known as Aom, founded the Hostel Provider Group.

"It all started in the morning of October 15 when the government cracked down on the protest at the government house. I felt bad for those who didn't have a place to stay because to me no one should endure this kind of thing. So I posted on my Twitter offering free hostel stay with my own money that I collected from selling things online."

Since mid-July, protesters have called for Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to resign and to challenge a longstanding taboo by demanding reform of the monarchy.

At times facing water cannon and playing cat and mouse with police in sweltering conditions many demonstrators have been sleeping on the street.

There is plenty of space in hotels and hostels across the usually bustling city, which is now virtually empty of foreign tourists since authorities shut Thailand's borders to most commercial flights.

One hostel we spoke with said they had taken hundreds of protesters just themselves.

Alongside a bed, protesters can receive three meals per day as well as transport to protests.

"It shows that everyone wants democracy, everyone wants to support the protest and youth movement."