The best budget-friendly theme parks in the world

Disney theme parks are some of the most expensive in the world. Photo: Patrícia Ferreira/Unsplash

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is in fact the most budget-friendly theme park to visit in the world, according to a new ranking.

Based on entry price and online sentiment data, holiday company ClubMed found the top theme parks around the world for those who don’t want to blow their budget in 2020.

And while Copenhagen isn’t known for being an especially cheap place to visit – it was recently ranked as the seventh most expensive city in which to live – the Tivoli Gardens tops the list by a country mile, with a strong 95.54% online sentiment score and a price of 140 DDK (£16.55).

Source: Club Med

It’s less than half the price of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, which sits at number two on the list. Entrance to the extreme waterpark will set you back £37.20, which visitors seem to think is worth every penny as Hurricane Harbor has an impressive 100% positive online sentiment rating.  

Further down the list, Italy’s Leolandia will ask for £32.31 and has an 88.85% online sentiment rating. Just don’t expect anything to set your pulse racing, as this toddler-centric park is pretty tame when it comes to rides.

Unsurprisingly, Disney is responsible for some of the world’s most expensive parks in the world, sitting firmly at the other end of the scale. Disneyland Paris charges an eye-watering £94.11 to access its park for the day, closely followed by Universal Studios Florida at £91.82 for a day ticket. 

Source: Club MEd

The study also looked at some of the best-budget tourist attractions across the globe. The saying goes that you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t always ring true.

With the Peterhof Grand Palace in Saint Petersburg, for example, you get far more. With an unbeatable online sentiment of 100% and an entry price of just £7.51, it tops the list of must-see landmarks.

In second place is the Great Salt Lake in Utah, which has a respectable online sentiment score of 90.63%. The largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere is a natural wonder that requires no filter and just so happens to be the cheapest landmark on the list at just £2.40 per visit.

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Towards the other end of the price scale, a trip up Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is 34 times more expensive than Great Salt Lake. Tickets to go inside the world’s tallest building start at £82.28 and this doesn’t even get you up to its highest point.

Cairo’s Giza Pyramids are third place in the travel-steals ranking. They have an impressive online sentiment score of 93.42% and a surprisingly low entry fee of just £8.01. Not bad when you consider these emblematic pyramids are the most ancient of the world’s seven wonders.

Colorado’s cinematic Rocky Mountains land in fourth place, with Rome’s Colosseum just behind at number five.