The end of the world will begin in 2017, Christians say - and it’s predicted in the Bible


Christmas is drawing near, so it’s about time for some cheery bunch to predict that the world is going to end next year.

Sure enough, some Christians over at website Unsealed reckon the end is going to begin in August 2017 – citing a Biblical prophecy popular with doomsday believers.

Unsealed reckons that the date 2017 ties up very neatly with Biblical predictions of the end – based on the dates of the establishment of the state of Israel.

This ties in with passages in Revelations which discuss the return of the Messiah – based on ‘Jubilees’ in the calendar.

In fact, a solar eclipse on August 21 next year might mark the start of festivities – with global disasters, war, famine, pain and suffering and the death of 75% of all life on Earth.

Unsealed says, ‘This is a theory regarding the Tribulation beginning in Fall 2017 and ending in Fall 2024. I, along with many Watchers, was hoping expectantly for the Blessed Hope this Fall 2015, but the Fall Feasts are over and barring an unexpected rapture, it appears as though God has other plans. We must endure patiently until He comes!

Unsealed reckons that it’s also 6,000 years since God created the world – which would be a nice, neat date to wrap things up on, wouldn’t it?

We should point out at this point that the Bible specifically says that no one will know the date of Jesus’ return, with Matthew 24:36 saying, ‘However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself.’

Unsealed says, ‘2017 to 2024 offers the only timeline in recent memory where the Tribulation of 2550 days could begin unquestionably on a Fall Feast date and end on a Fall Feast date. In fact, the alignment is kind of shocking

‘Many thoughts to ponder, but just remember that the LORD can come at any time, even well before these speculative dates. Keep watching and looking up!’