The Morning After: The best air fryers

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Mat Smith/Engadget

I am not a chef. I’m not a cook. I’m barely a functioning male adult, but I wanted an air fryer. Not because I live on chicken fingers and fries but because there’s no quicker way for me to make crispy gyoza from frozen, to make relatively healthy (not-quite) fried chicken and douse it in fiery Korean sauces and sesame seeds. More broadly, air fryers have expanded my kitchen repertoire without forcing me to heat up my oven and time things meticulously.


The Engadget team called in a bunch of air fryers, complained about cleaning some of them and highlighted the best. The boring, measured advice is that the best air fryer for you depends on your own circumstances. Got plenty of kitchen space? Get the convection oven-styled ones. Living alone? You can get 80 percent of the benefits with the smallest pod air fryers.

My pro-tip? Reheated pizza. Try it in the air fryer and never look back.

— Mat Smith

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In February, Apple unveiled Tap to Pay, a new feature for merchants to accept payments with only an iPhone. The company is already testing the feature in the wild… sort of. Staff are using the feature at the Apple Park visitor center in Cupertino, where customers can make an Apple Pay payment directly to an Apple staffer’s iPhone, with no payment terminal in sight.

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Here are the new games included in ​​PlayStation Plus' new high-end tiers

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Sony has revealed the first games to arrive with the launch of its new PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscription services. PlayStation Studios titles include Demon's Souls and Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut, along with third-party games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla and NBA 2K22. Those games will arrive in the "launch time frame," starting May 24th.

Premium members will also get access to classic games "with some titles that will show improved frame rates and higher-quality resolution compared to their original launch versions," Sony wrote. Think Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, Tekken 2 and Worms Armageddon, along with remasters like Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy.

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Apple rolls out iOS 15.5

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Apple has released iOS 15.5 and its iPadOS 15.5 counterpart, with improvements to both Apple Cash and Podcasts. Cash users can now send and receive money from their card, while Podcasts users can automatically limit episode storage based on criteria like the number of shows or time since release. Oh, by the way, have you subscribed to The Morning Edition?

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Uber Eats is launching two autonomous delivery pilot schemes

Both in Los Angeles.


Uber Eats is testing autonomous deliveries, hard. The first pilot is an autonomous vehicle partnership with Motional, originally announced in December, and the second is with sidewalk delivery firm Serve Robotics, a company that spun out of Uber itself. Both in Los Angeles.

Trials are limited for now, with deliveries from just a few merchants, like the Kreation Organic Kafe and Juicery. Serve will do short delivery routes in West Hollywood, while Motional will take care of longer deliveries in Santa Monica.

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