The Traitors viewers all have the same complaint about Claudia Winkleman's new show

Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors. (BBC)
Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors. (BBC)

Claudia Winkleman launched a high stakes new gameshow with The Traitors on BBC One last night - but although viewers were instantly hooked, many of them had the same complaint.

The Traitors sees 22 contestants competing to win £120,000 through a series of challenges set at a castle in the Scottish Highlands - but three of them have been chosen as traitors, who must keep their identities secret and "murder" a contestant each night before being discovered.

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Viewers loved the ruthless format which saw two players sent home straight after getting out of their taxis at the castle just for having rated themselves least likely to win, but there was one thing bothering fans.

The Traitors offers a £120,000 prize. (BBC)
The Traitors offers a £120,000 prize. (BBC)

The series is due to air again tonight when the first murder victim will be revealed, and on Thursday before returning next week, but all three of this week's episodes were immediately made available on iPlayer which viewers said ruined the suspense.

One person tweeted: "Oh. Not sure this should be a “watch the next two episodes on iPlayer now” kinda show. I like everyone watching (and tweeting) together at the same time."

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Someone else agreed: "Oh BBC! DO NOT put the finale of The Traitors on iPlayer when it comes to the final week. In fact, this shouldn't be on iPlayer before broadcast AT. ALL. This is good stuff."

Another viewer added: "I knew I was going to be obsessed with #TheTraitors when my jaw literally dropped twice within the first half an hour. Claudia Winkleman is sensational as host. Don’t agree with some of the eps being available on iPlayer, though… let us all watch the drama together!"

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One viewer complained: "Really stupid putting the next episode on iplayer. Makes the ending less dramatic."

Someone else commented: "@BBCOnewhy put a show like #TheTraitors on iplayer? Spoilers will inevitably leak out and totally ruin it for people who like to watch it when it's broadcast."

The roundtable. (BBC)
The roundtable hosts the group while they try to work out who the traitors are. (BBC)

Others suggested that it had been a good move, though, as one person wrote: "I am hooked #TheTraitors - all episodes r on #iplayer I suppose #bbc are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. It certainly grabs you and leaves u needing more."

Someone else tweeted: "Hopefully it was one-off strategy to get impatient viewers addicted. It worked on me. Just watched all 3 #TheTraitors episodes because they were there... Damn you iPlayer! #nospoilers"

Three of the contestants have been designated traitors by Winkleman and must kill off as many rivals as they can before the group work out who they are.

If there are any traitors left at the final, they will walk away with the entire prize fund.

The Traitors continues tonight at 9.15pm on BBC One.