There's a Doggo Hiding Among Wooden Replicas in this Viral Photo. Can you Spot it?

·2 min read

Observational skills are not so rare, yet we often miss out on minute details. However, if you are someone who claims to catch these tiny differences within seconds, this challenge will definitely make you happy.

Last weekend, a Japanese sculptor made and uploaded a video on Twitter, which has now gone viral. In his video clip, animal woodcarver Mio Hashimoto gave a glimpse of her pet dog Tsuki-kun standing still among the life-size sculptures of dogs she has carved.

On watching the video, it would be impossible to differentiate the real-life dog among the wooden structures. These sculptors in her workroom resemble several realistic characters of cats, dogs, rabbits and llamas.

However, the funniest part of the video is when Tsuki-kun chose to hide among these structures but stood still as if it was just another sculptor. While you might not be able to spot it in one go, a closer and more observant look might help you find it.

The caption, written in Japanese, read, “It was turned into a sculpture again.” Take a try at the video here and see if you can spot the dog:

The 30-second video has gathered 6.1 million views, with more than 5 lakh likes. Tsuki-kun can be seen wagging its tail slowly, however it does not show any other movement, confusing the viewers.

A user happily replied, “I would pet all of them, just in case.”

For the dog’s reaction, another wrote, “if I don’t move, i won’t exist.”