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These No. 1 bestselling crevice brushes 'get into all the hard to reach places!' — and they're less than $3 a pop

Keeping up with kitchen cleaning is as important as washing dishes. Yet it often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list when laundry and other chores seem more immediate. However, food splatter, crumbs and overall ick do accumulate in no time, which can make you even less inclined to want to deal with it. But the Koxuky Crevice Cleaning Brush is here to do the dirty work. And what's better, at only $8 a pack, each brush is less than $2 — plus it's an Amazon No. 1 bestseller!

More than 30,000 of these cleaners have been sold on Amazon in the past month.

$8 at Amazon

You'd be forgiven for thinking these brushes look like a set of kitchen knives, as they have ergonomically shaped handles and edges that appear razor-thin. All the more reason they can reach deep into crevices, cleaning corners like sink edges and even window seams thoroughly. And they're not just for kitchens — the Cleaning Brush works in all those nooks and crannies that cry out for a deep clean. Whether you have one bathroom or four, they all need to be cleaned. And at this price, you can snag one set for the kitchen and one for the loo!

Over 1,400 shoppers have given this brush a glowing five-star review. "Where have these been all my life?" cried out one fan. "Absolutely love how these brushes get into all the hard-to-reach places! The bristles are hard and are great scrubbers. The thin, long construction of the brush head allows you to get between bathroom sink faucets and handles. They are also great for inside window seals and other hard-to-reach places. Love, love, love these new tools!"

And this happy homeowner wrote, "These are amazing! I've used them to clean grout, the kitchen stove top, lime scale around kitchen and bathroom faucets, the creases of vinyl windows, and the jets of my jacuzzi tub. My house has never been cleaner!"

kitchen wall rack with cleaning items
This brush not only works well, but you can easily hang it to dry. (Amazon)

Customers also rave about the brush's no-nonsense sturdiness, since it holds up to vigorous and repeated scrubbling. But thanks to its design, it won't leave you with a clean house and sore hands. "Great for scrubbing in narrow spaces," said one. "Handle is strong and brushes are stiff. Very happy with my purchase."

"Another cleaning tool I didn't know I needed," revealed another. "These are a great size in both width and length to get into crevices. Areas such as the space between counters and stoves and around faucets. These are stiff bristles that get into the cracks and are able to scrub out debris, grime and rust. I have a glass shower door and these get into the hinges and clean out everything that accumulates there."

Three cleaning brushes and two yellow tulips.
So effective, even tulips love 'em. (Amazon)

This reviewer learned that toothbrushes are for cleaning teeth not fridges. "I just started taking my fridge apart for a thorough cleaning. As I worked a toothbrush into the tiny crevices I saw an Amazon van leave a package and retrieved it not remembering what it could be. Lo and behold, there were my three little cleaning brushes. I immediately resumed with the cleaning of my fridge but with my new brushes! It was a game changer and allowed me to get into the tiniest of crevices, which made the job so much easier."

It also works on bathroom tile or to get soapy mildew out of the grout. One user gushed, "Perfect for cleaning grout. Made a real difference in removing some stained areas. They are sturdy and the long handles and brush area provide extra reach. Highly recommend them!"

And finally, another brilliant use for these brushes: "They’re great for detailing inside my car."

Don't want to do that dirty work anymore? Now you don't have to.

$8 at Amazon

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