TheUmutmusic Shares His Passion for Music and How He Ventured Into Filmmaking

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Every individual has a different definition and meaning to music. It enlightens a person’s mood, be it of love or heartbreak. In the truest sense, music is an escape from all the chaos of life. Many believe that music is a way of life for them whose sole purpose is to spread joy with the melodies. There are a few exceptions who have the calibre to write and compose their own songs and Umut Gundogdu stands apart from all. Popularly known as TheUmutmusic, he is an emerging name in the music industry whose words and melodies can hit the right chords.

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Born on January 10, 1986, in Eskisehir, Turkey, his love and passion for music goes way back to his childhood. As a kid, he joined the choir group at his high school and he even performed musical theatre thus creating his own music. Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Whiteny Houston were his idols who inspired him to become an artist. In 2003, he joined the Anadolu University to find his own path in music. He worked at a local Copy Center and simultaneously pursued his dreams of creating music.

His journey saw a drastic jump in 2007 when he joined Barakbeat, the rap group with his brother Ufuk aka Argo. Gradually he started doing musical tours and gained immense success. Umut’s unique R&B vocals grabbed everyone’s attention after which Barkbeat performed in Eskisehir’s most popular ‘Club 222’. Their music was played on Fox TV Turkey as well. Despite doing exceptionally well, Umut soon started focusing on his solo journey. In 2011, he moved to Leiden, Netherlands to improve his musical skills. The Dutch culture was probably foreign to him and during that time, he did several jobs to create his music studio.

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In 2013, he released his first single titled ‘One Love’ which was a massive hit. Later in 2015, he came up with yet another single titled ‘Bounce’. Along with it, he produced and played music at clubs as a DJ which saw the birth of his own bar named ‘Wave Bar’ in The Hague. In his success, his brother Ufuk joined him and they ventured into videos, short films and editing. “My love was not just limited to music. It was beyond that”, stated Umut. Early 2018 saw Umut going to Miami.

The entire year he travelled to different cities of the USA including Orlando, Nashville, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York, to learn more about the music industry. In 2019, he moved to New York City and started his formal education in Advanced Filmmaking at Digital Film Academy in Manhattan. During the program, he launched NSE (Natural Sound Effects), an independent music label and video production company. After mastering himself, Umut this year produced and directed a music video titled ‘With You’. As of today, he holds expertise in video production, editing, colour grading and music which has made him a sensation in the entertainment industry.

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