Thieves steal truck loaded with $172K in cinematography equipment from Millarville area

The owners of a Millarville-area film production company are reeling from a double-whammy after their heavy-duty truck was stolen along with about $172,000 worth of specialized equipment inside.

The 2009 Ford F350 truck was locked in a Quonset hut — loaded with gear for a shoot the next day — when it was stolen Sunday night from a property on Range Road 33 just north of Highway 549.  

Margot McMaster of HDTV Productions says the items won't be easy to sell.

"They're very particular to our industry and if you don't know how to operate them they're not going to be useful to you," she said.

"So we're hoping, hoping, hoping that they were only after the truck and they really didn't know what they got when they stole the vehicle."

McMaster says they've put the word out on social media and are checking Kijiji and pawn shops for the stolen equipment.

In the meantime, she says friends in the industry have rallied to help.

"I guess the upside is that the film community in Calgary is so tight knit, and all of our friends and colleagues came to our aid and within four and a half hours we were able to get a camera package together … and be able to make our shoot up in Banff," she said.

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