What do you think about this proposed P.E.I. transmission line route?

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What do you think about this proposed P.E.I. transmission line route?

Residents still have a chance to weigh in on the proposed 138-kilovolt transmission line that Maritime Electric is planning between the P.E.I. communities of Borden-Carleton and Maple Plains.

The company attended a public meeting on May 24 to discuss the project and impacts with residents.

"It was a good meeting," said Kim Griffin, a spokesperson with Maritime Electric who presented during the public meeting. She said the main purpose of the three-hour meeting was to get community feedback.

"It is a really good process because we can sit back and think that we have the greatest plan and until you actually have an opportunity to talk with customers and more importantly with the residents of the area to say, 'Oh this might work better' or 'Have you considered this,' that's really helpful to us and we really do want to make modifications where we can."

About 20 people showed up to the meeting, including Borden-Carleton's mayor, Dean Sexton. 

"It's away from a lot of homes; they chose very good routes. That's my opinion," said Sexton.

Sexton said the community had lots of dealings with Maritime Electric during the undersea cable project that was completed last summer.

"They delivered on all the promises. They were really good and they met with us a lot and we are very satisfied with them; same with this," Sexton said.

Griffin said there were lots of questions at the meeting about the two possible routes proposed.

"We had people asking questions like how close was it to the school, where is it near residents and houses, how close is it to wildlife areas or areas of interest, bird species, and we talked about all those things."

Griffin also said from Maritime Electric's perspective, there would be no restrictions on the existing ATV trails along the proposed routes. 

Maritime Electric has submitted the proposal to the P.E.I. government for an environmental impact assessment.

People have until June 4 to submit written comments about the proposed transmission line routes.

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