Think the wage gap doesn't exist? See this actual job listing

The World Economic Forum says the gender pay gap is actually going backwards in North America instead of moving towards parity, and now we have some idea why. A North York, Ont., company thinks the wage gap is NBD. They all but said so on a posting.

Delta Staffing Services posted a job on career site for ‘general labours,’ unabashedly stating women would be paid $11.50/hour while men would get $12/hour.

But it gets worse.

An earlier iteration of the ad asked for “general labours” who were “preferably from the Asian and European community.”

A Delta Staffing Services manager told CityNews said an intern posted the ad, and that it was a typo. The manager also claimed the difference in wages was due to the different jobs being offered.

Statistics Canada data released in March 2017 said women in Canada earned 87 cents an hour for every dollar earned by men in 2015.