The Third Place Cocktail Company rebrands, launches new product

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The Third Place Cocktail Company rebrands, launches new product

A St. John's-based company is expanding its brand and introducing some new products for cocktail lovers.

The Third Place Cocktail Company, formerly The Third Place Tonic, just launched their new cocktail mix: Elderflower.

"We're really proud of it. Elderflower's a really great ingredient for cocktails," says Dan Meades, one of the company's founders.

"Vodka's a really popular spirit around the world and we thought those two things together made a lot of sense."

This is the third product Meades and business partner Kris Smith have released, and it marks some big changes for the company.

That change is reflected in the company's new name.

"An original batch for us was a couple dozen bottles and we were really excited if we got a full case of 24 in our hands that we could bring down to a retailer. We felt really proud of it. And now we can push out about 1,000 a week and we send those bottles all across the country," he said.

Despite the increased volume, Meades and Smith say they're dedicated to making sure every bottle is signed by hand, so customers know it's still the same care going into the product.

"Part of what this business has been built on is the idea that folks should be able to make world-class cocktails at home in a really quick and easy way, and this product keeps with that tradition," said Meades.

"In just a few minutes, folks can get up from the couch, an ounce of our elderflower, a couple of ounces of vodka, a couple of ounces of carbonated water and you've got a cocktail that any good bar around the country is going to sell you for $16, $17."