Third-quarter report shows drop in Midland crime rates

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Midland detachment numbers show a decline in crime numbers in all categories, but one.

The third quarter report included in the police services board's agenda package for Monday's meeting shows that clearance rates are high and crime rates are low.

However, the crimes against a person category has shown a disturbing increase for the July to September period compared to last year. The numbers indicate that last year 20 cases were reported under this category, whereas 35 were reported during the same period this year.

There are two categories that have seen a somewhat dramatic decrease in numbers. Break and enters have gone down from 54 to 11 from 2019 to 2020 for the period of July to September while theft under has dropped to 42 from 126 last year.

On the other hand, clearance rates for this year's third quarter have gone up to 38% from 33.4%.

Further, Highway Traffic Act charges have also seen a decline during the three-month reporting period, going from 643 in July to 534 in August to 240 in September.

A similar downward trend is seen in traffic charges under the Big Four vehicle infractions: speeding, seatbelt, impaired and distracted driving.

The numbers have gone down to 173 in September from 320 in August and starting at 403 in July.

Fatal car accidents in the third quarter this year are 200% higher than they were in 2019, which saw only one such incident during the months of July to September. In this category, there is an overall 400% increase in numbers year-to-date. That means where 2019 saw only one fatal car accident from the beginning of the year unitl September, the year 2020 saw five such incidents during the same time period.

Additionally, the report shows up to 2,000 cruiser patrol hours, close to 20 marine patrol hours and approximately 194 foot patrol hours for the third quarter.

Mehreen Shahid, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,