Thorold councillors look for update on Canada Summer Games progress

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Thorold councillors are hoping to have a little light shed on the work going on for the Canada Summer Games.

At the April 6 council meeting, council voted in favour of having town staff create an updated report on the Canada Summer Games operations.

Coun. Carmen DeRose requested the report, saying residents had stated their concerns about a lack of available information on the 2022 Canada Summer Games.

“I believe by keeping stakeholders a.k.a. taxpayers in the dark, we are fuelling unsubstantiated rumours and hearsay,” DeRose said.

In his request, DeRose asked that the report contain information on: where negotiations are between Thorold and the region, the reason for delayed operations agreements, details about reported cost overruns, and the cost of legal fees up until April 6.

Other councillors said they, too, had concerns about the lack of available information regarding the games. One of these concerns included a previous request from Coun. Anthony Longo to the region about information overrun costs, for which he has yet to be provided an answer, Longo said.

Information on the biweekly meetings Coun. John Kenny and director of public works Geoff Holman attend regarding the event's developments is available on the town’s website, per the town's chief administrative officer, Manoj Dilwaria. However, that information is limited to what can be shared with the public, as much of the games' operations are held in closed session meetings.

Council then voted in favour of the request for a report, with all councillors voting yes except Coun. Victoria Wilson.

Shortly after the vote, councillors went into a closed session meeting to further discuss the games.

The initial cost of the Canada Summer Games was set to be $81 million, but is now budgeted at over $91 million. Due to COVID-19, the games were pushed from summer of 2021 to 2022.

Moosa Imran, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News