Three decades of gold fever

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If you ever find yourself in Fort Nelson, it’s hard not to notice the Gold Fever shop along the main drive.

Owner Lorelei Purcka says the family owned business has been specializing in custom jewellery, gold trading, gift packages and more since 1986.

“We’re very proud to be from Fort Nelson, and our customers have been amazing – you can’t have a great business without great customers,” said Purcka. “We really do appreciate all the people who support us.”

Purcka says she’s been a proud member of the community since she was six months old, and has never wanted to be anywhere else. She started the business shortly after high school, taking inspiration from her mother Darlene, who sold jewellery out of her home.

“We’ve been a long standing business and we’ve always enjoyed it,” said Purcka.

In 1989, Darlene joined the business and the pair ran it together for 14 years.

While pursuing other interests and raising a young family, the store was closed for a time, with Purcka and her husband Dwaine reopening in 2006.

“It was almost 20 years to the day when we opened the first store, that we opened the second store,” Purcka said. "That was so neat."

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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