Three great games during Super Sunday finals

This year’s Jasper Hockey League’s Super Sunday hockey finals saw three tightly-contested matches, making for an evening of exciting on-ice action for hundreds of spectators at the Jasper Arena.

First up was the C championship game, pitting the Bongs against the Beavers.

The first period ended with one goal apiece, making the showdown look to be a fairly even matchup.

It was the second period where the Bongs struggled to make only one more goal, giving the Beavers the opportunities to pick up three points to seal the deal and win the prize.

Final score: the Beavers won 4-2 over the Bongs.

The B championship saw the Royals vs. the Outlaws in a much faster-paced game with both teams scrambling hard up and down the rink to chase the puck and sink it in the net.

Netminders on both sides earned their keep. Forwards on both sides did too, each taking 25 shots on the opposing net.

In the end, the Outlaws bested the Royals with a 3-2 squeaker of a win for the cup.

The Barley Kings and the Bonestars definitely brought their A game for the A championship, and it was a hard-fought contest marred only by some late-game fighting.

In the end, it was the Barley Kings who made three goals in the second period and were crowned victorious with a 4-2 heart-pounder over their bitter rivals.

Scott Hayes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Jasper Fitzhugh